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“If you can imagine Patsy Cline writing songs with Feist, you have an idea of where Jadea Kelly resides within the musical spectrum”- The Pop Stereo USA.


However dark the muse, Jadea Kelly’s music guides the listener on a journey towards light and surrender. Swelling with vocal hooks and ambient guitar delays, her 2016 CD release, Love and Lust, is an honest and compelling catalogue of infidelity, desire, betrayal, forgiveness and human frailty. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter is known most prominently for her vocal work with JUNO Award-winning Canadian folk artist Catherine MacLellan, as well as JUNO Award-winning Canadian metal band Protest the Hero. She has toured across Canada countless times, performing at such notable Canadian festivals and venues as the Calgary Folk Festival, Edmonton's Interstellar Rodeo, Shelter Valley Folk Festival, and Stuart MacLean's Vinyl Café.  She has toured throughout the United States, supporting Canadian duo Whitehorse. She has also toured across Canada with Royal Wood and Catherine MacLellan. 




Update on Jadea Kelly


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Band Website






YouTube Videos


On The Water (trio acoustic live):https://youtu.be/5giCJ8TzBbw

Violet (full band live):https://youtu.be/xd72pWMCUVo  

Good Girl (full band live): https://youtu.be/zogqu_Gv1Ns




SoundCloud Audio Streaming


Love and Lust


(new CD released June, 2016)

Suggested tracks are track 1 Make It Easy, track 2 On The Water, and track 5 Good Girl







"A sparkling effort [Love and Lust] that fuses pure vocals, compelling lyrics and clean production."

-Kerry Doole, Exclaim! Magazine


"Fans of alternative folk music and artists such as Kathleen Edwards, Feist and Lindi Ortega will immediately fall in love with Jadea Kelly’s fresh new take on the genre. Love and Lust scores top marks in all categories and certainly stands out as one of the best releases of 2016."

- Spill Magazine 


“Her vocals have the unaffected openly emotional quality needed to shine.”

- Exclaim Magazine


"One of the shining jewels in the crown of Canadian songwriters. Her sound is pure Canadiana, that is, elements of prairie country, big city soul, and the sense to take just a little bit of both. In short, the more Jadea Kelly Canada can hear, the better.”

- Tom Power, CBC Radio






  • a nomination at the 2010 Canadian Folk Music Awards  for new/emerging artist of the year
  • guest artist on Stuart McLean’s  Vinyl Cafe in 2012
  • backing vocalist or opening performer for the likes of Judy Collins, Royal Wood, Justin Rutledge, and Whitehorse
  • “Lone Wolf” featured on TV show “Bitten” (aired on the SyFy Network in the U.S.)
  • “Beauty” featured as the accompanying song to a powerful final day opening montage on CBC Television, a tribute to Canadian hero Terry Fox, for the Rio 2016 Paralympics
  • release of her newest CD, "Love and Lust", in June of 2016